Energy Psychology

Our bodies are electric by nature, the cardiovascular and nervous systems are good examples of this. The energy created by our thoughts and minds affect both of these systems as the information contained in them is distributed throughout our body as electric nervous impulses. This energy can end up stored in our body in the form of cellular memory; after enough time or exposure, cellular stress alters the energy flow which can contribute to metabolic errors, accumulation of toxins, inflammation and consequently, the manifestation of a physical illness. Often, these symptoms are experienced in the form of physical or emotional disorders that at times become difficult to understand and control.

For thousands of years, Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda have focused on the importance of balancing the energy in the body while cultivating a better relationship between our mind, body and the world around us. This energy not only affects us individually but also those around our energetic field (Bio-Field).

The body remembers what the mind forgets. Emotional freedom techniques (EFT), reiki, acupuncture and massage therapy are examples of disciplines that allow the energy contained in the body, be translated back into memories and emotional releases associated to the root cause of the problem. By combining the principles of energy medicine and psychology, we establish a new access to stored memories that need to be brought to our awareness, so they can be transformed and healed. By doing so, we can then reestablish energetic and emotional balance, helping learn the necessary changes we need to make in our lives to reach our desired goals.